Weekly meeting

When:June 17, 2010 (Friday) @ 6:30pm

Where: Bray Room, first floor of the Harvard Institute of Medicine
(HIM), 4 Blackfan Circle, Boston MA 02115.

Topic: fareware party for Ivy and Robert, Yiyu and Yan, Tan Zhen
It is the end of the academic year and time for us to say goodbye to some good friends.  Please join us for this moment for good memory and encouragement.  

Dinner will be served!

** Enter via 77 Ave. Louis Pasteur or enter via the entrance of
Fitcorp on Blackfan Circle (no ID needed), walk towards the New
ResearchBuilding, cross the cafeteria (1st floor), go through the
double dooron the right to HIM.

“天國好像一粒芥菜種、有人拿去種在田裏。 這原是百種裏最小的.等到長起來、卻比各樣 的菜都大、且成了樹、天上的飛鳥來宿在它的枝上。” -馬太


Mustard Seed Fellowship
Chinese Scholars Group
Longwood Medical Area


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