May 20th Study

This coming Friday we gonna meet at the same place to have the bible study. Hui will lead us discuss John 15-16. Hope to see all of you there!


Debut of the New Website

Longwood 芥菜种团旗网站初登场

Debut of the Longwood Mustard Seed Fellowship Website

In order to let people all around the world can get free access to the website, we tried many website suppliers, gathering feedback of different trial versions, and, in the end, we found this  the one can mostly suit our needs.

There’s still lots of thing can be modified. hope you can leave your suggestion and  advise so we can improve it.

Thank you!

mustard seed fellowship

Welcome to Mustard Seed Fellowship at Longwood Medical Area in Boston. We are a group of Chinese Medical Professionals in the Greater Boston Area. We meet every Friday night at Harvard Institute of Medicine. Dinner is served at 6:30pm followed by singspiration, Bible Studies, and discussions. Please come join us to discover and experience God’s amazing love. “天國好像一粒芥菜種、有人拿去種在田裏。 這原是百種裏最小的.等到長起來、卻比各樣的菜都大、且成了樹、天上的飛鳥來宿在它的枝上.” 馬太福音13:31-32